Friday, April 1, 2011


If I move and win then I must be a winner. I moved today! I went for 3 walks this afternoon/evening. With my knee giving me problems I can't walk very long. It's not the my knee starts hurting but my lower back from walking weird. So each walk was only about 10 minutes. 30 minutes it better than nothing. I also just finished 50 sit-ups on the fitball. I feel good! Warm weather is always a motivator for me. Problem......cold fronts on it's way.

More confessions.......I had a chocolate shake tonight. :-( It tasted good but there was a bit of guilt over eating it.


  1. Good job on the walking. Have you tried to make healthier versions of your favorite guilt foods? Lately I have been trying all sorts of new (I
    make them up) recipes. I have been surprised at how good it feels to create, especially when the recipes turn out good. Maybe you can create a new favorite that doesn't include a serving of guilt. I can't believe it has been four years since your mom passed away. Definitely give yourself some wiggle room for that. Keep up the posts!

  2. Way to get moving! Exercise can make the biggest difference. I definitely feel it when I don't.