Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I can't come up with any great title for today. I left home yesterday after school and drove to Salt Lake. I had a Doctor's appointment today. After the appointment I drove back home. It's good to be out of the car.

Thanks to my dear friend that I stayed the night with I started my day off just right. She fixed a great breakfast with juicy oranges. Later in the day driving home I had a grilled chicken salad with lettuce and tomatoes. More F & V. I then stopped for more fruit.....a fresh strawberry shake! (lol) I'm sure that counts!

Good and bad news at the doctors. I don't need surgery......Yeah! Pretty much have to live with the knee problem....:-(. He did say with exercise and weight lose I would see an improvement. I was born with off centered knee caps and they way there are wearing with use is causing some stiffness and problems. So no more excuses.......work through the pain!


  1. Swimming it is! That's the lowest impact you can get, right?

  2. Does improvement mean the pain would go away or just not be so bad?