Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Forces

There are two forces in our lives. . . . Evil and Good. The adversary wants us to struggle. When we struggle we let down our guard and he has an easier time getting what he wants. On the other hand the Lord wants us to succeed. He sent us to earth to be happy. We have trials to see if we will bend and snap or rise to the occasion. I will rise! My health and wellness has been a life time battle. I think part of my problems that last few days have come from the internal struggles I have with disappointing my mother. For a while before she passed away I had been working hard and had lost almost 60 pounds. I was feeling great. I know she was proud of me, even though she never told me, because she told everyone she met. It was such a shock when she passed away that I was in such a funk I gave up. All the weight plus some came back. I've never been able to find that passion again. Sorry Mom! I should have kept working hard.

Goals.......if you are talking long term, I want to be a member of "One"der Land. I know that the number on the scale shouldn't matter that much. But for me it does. I would say that my #1 goal is not to have heart problems. It runs in my family. I'm not so sure that right now not eating my meals at the table is a big deal. The one area I really struggle with is fruits and vegetables. I could go for days and not even realize that I haven't had any. So my focus right now is going to be Fruits and Vegetables. Increase in amount and more often.
+ for today..... banana with breakfast, Green salad with lunch.


  1. You know mom still loves you and IS proud of you! You are a good person; and as a parent that is our main goal for our children!! I love you and I am also proud of you.

  2. Vegetables: the battle that you start over every day. I've started sneaking veggies into just about everything--even wilting spinach in my scrambled eggs. My goal is to avoid third trimester constipation. Not nearly as noble as yours.

    p.s. Koami is right. Your mom should be very proud of you. (I can't say she IS because I wasn't lucky enough to know her.)

  3. Good work! Have you ever seen the sneaky chef cookbook,it puts veggies into other foods. I bought it because I am not good at getting us to eat our fruits and veggies. Maybe that will be my goal for next week, more fruits and veggies. Keep it up. Have you read elder christoffersons fireside talk from feb.? You might it helpful. It talks about living a day at a time. Have a great day!