Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanks for Making a Difference

I've hard a rough day. My eating has stunk. I hurt a good part of the day. I still wonder if there is more to my knee than Dr.'s have found. Maybe not. Maybe if I did lose weight it would all go away.

I came home from school knowing there was no way in ..... that I was going to exercise. I was tired of hurting and didn't want to hurt any more. I sat down at the computer, logged on to my blog and read some of your comments. I didn't feel like I could let you down. You have been such a great support. So I changed clothes, took some IB and headed down the stairs. I got on the bike and rode for about 10 minutes. I actually felt better getting off than I did when I got on. Maybe I can eat the Elephant one little bite at a time. Later, after dinner, I did my back exercises and then spent a few minutes doing steps.

Thanks for inspiring me to keep going! I love ya all!


  1. Yay for MarJean! I'm proud of you for exercising anyway. :) Those are the kind of choices we all need to make if we're going to make changes. It's always easier to keep doing what is comfortable.

  2. Way to go! Just so you know it is inspiring for me too. I've been working hard at making myself clean for even just five minutes and pushing myself to do the dishes every night...just one more thing. I sometimes think, if i had to post to a blog tonight what would I do. So thanks for the opportunity to be there for you!

  3. I've heard elephant can be tasty! Especially when you get to the last of it!!!!