Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pool Pregnancy

Sorry about not posting for awhile.  I've been on a little roller coaster ride.  I have a real good day, stay super busy and run out of time to post.  Then I have a day that I am tired and sore and could care less if I post.

I've started a new journey in life.  One that I think will make things worse before they get better.  I have started wearing my orthotics.  The  goal is to  walk with comfort not  pain.  But there is the period of adjustment when my body's posture realigns and returns to normal function.  That causes pain.  I wear my orthotics for a longer period of time each day.  I wore them for 4 hours today.  At times I couldn't hardly walk. The pain in my feet and ankle was intense.  It really seems to be playing havic with my knee.  I was told days 3-5 are the hardest. Today was 4.

Now for the title of this post.............I'm not sure why but the other day this analogy came to mind.  I am experience my own kind of pregnancy.  You anticipate getting pregnant....I anticipated getting my pool (May 2011). A couple of months in you find out your pregnant....My pool gets here (August 2011).  The pains and joys of carrying a child takes  place.....My knee seems to get more stiff.  I have a little help on the pool, getting my hopes up and then nothing happens.  You have a scare and think you are going into early labor.....I thought my pool was going to get finished (Dec. 2011).  The closer the due date comes the longer it seems away.....still waiting for the pool to get finished and thinking it may never happen (Jan. 2012).  I hope this baby (pool) comes early not late!!!!!

Silly I know.  And I'm sure those of you that have had children think I must be crazy to even make the comparison.


  1. Oh no, that's a GreaT analogy!! But then, I LOVE analogies =)

  2. I sure wish I could help with the pool. The anticipation sounds like pregnancy for sure. Loooooots of waiting...

    Bum deal with the orthodics, too. Eesh. Sounds like when I had to get used to wearing contacts.

    Also, my cousin has just started a blog like this one to track her weight loss progress as well. It made me think of you. :)

  3. I love analogies and this this is a good one. I hope the orthotics are feeling better now.