Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Goals

I talk about Green Mountain and the plate model.  So I thought I would share. My goal is to try and get my meals inline with what I was taught in Vermont.  I also think that the food pyramid just changed to the plate model. 

Sorry I should have went in and rotated it.

This model fits for lunch and dinner.  Breakfast is a bit different.

Enjoy Eating!


  1. That's very helpful and also good information. Thanks! Is there a guideline for snacks? Eating small snacks between meals helps me to not get so hungry that I overeat at meal time.

  2. We had snack between lunch and dinner. A fruit or carbo (grain, startchy veg.) and a protein. 1 small apple and and oz of cheese.

    We could have snack at night but had to pay for it. That was to make us think if we really needed it.