Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vegetable Soup

So.......let's say I'm going to make a big pot of Vegetable Soup.  Start with a potato or two, throw in some carrots and onion.  Later add peas, corn, green beans and tomatoes.   When I serve myself up a big bowl, do I count it as a vegetable or a carbohydrate.

Most of what I call veggies are not because high starchy vegetables fall into carbohydrates.

Help me out.  Share your ideas.


  1. I call them all vegetables...and smile to think I am eating something healthier than most!

  2. I call anything I can a vegetable. :-) My favorite thing about salsa is that I consider it to be a serving of veggies, it may be a small serving, but better than nothing!

  3. Which are the high starch veggies? I'm only seeing potatoes there. Sounds like a fantastic soup to me.

    Something that helps me eat more veggies is to get more than I think I can eat before they go bad and then the race is on! I dunno about which are starchy ones, but I do go through a lot of fruits and veggies that way.

  4. Potatoes, corn and peas are all considered starchy vegetables. Carrots are too on some list.