Saturday, February 18, 2012


Update.........a few false pool pains.  No work in 10 days.

O.K. I'm about to start a new fitness craze.......Fit Ball Dancing.  Ever once in a while on my book orders at school they have Wii games real cheap.  So I just bought DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution).  Since I still can't stand very long with out my feet hurting, I sit on the fit ball.  I'm sure it looks like I'm having some spaz attack. Sitting on the ball, move my arms around and kicking my feet. It's actually kind of fun.  You should try it. 

Lets get the ball rolling on this new craze!!! :-)


  1. I think it sounds like a great idea! My knee has arthritis and has been bugging me since I ran a few blocks--dumb idea on my part...anyway, I teach Kenzie and few friends dance. I had to mostly just do the arm movements--so I know what you are thinking about looking funny while exercising. I just love the dance idea, though. It doesn't really seem like "work"--which is what lots of reps of exercise seem like to me.