Sunday, January 8, 2012

Behavior Strategies

In my notebook from Green Mountain there are about 7 pages of strategies to think about.  Strategies that, when applied, may help you eat more supportively.  I thought I would try and share them with you.  And in doing so help me put some thought into them.  I know I can't implement them all at once.  But having them more in the forefront of my thinking my help.  So here's one for tonight.

When possible, make eating an isolated activity so you can concentrate on the food.  Limit distractions such as reading, TV, paperwork, driving.  If you do eat while doing something else, make a conscious effort to pay attention to what and how much you are eating.  Prevent mindless overeating when distractions are present by controlling your food selection and portion sizes, e.g., portion out a bowl of pretzels instead of sitting down in front of the TV with the whole bag.


  1. I agree with that strategy. I use it in the opposite way with my kids...On the way home from ball games that are in other towns I get out a bag of carrots and let them eat all of it. Also, after church on Sunday when everyone is "dying of starvation" I put out a fruit or vegetable on the table while we are fixing dinner. I tell them that I guess it is OK if they eat it before dinner and suddenly it's gone...:)
    Snack wise I like to cut up an apple in the morning. Every time I walk past the bowl I take a slice. This really helps me not go to my much more desirable chocolate treat.
    Thanks for making me rethink some of my bad habits--I would like to eat more healthy this year.

  2. I seriously have a problem trying to multi-task while I eat. This was a good reminder to focus on what I'm eating more. Thanks!