Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Todays Tip

Don't do as I do but follow the tips I post.  Haven't had the best past few days.
I think I really need to work on getting back to Mindful eating.  I have started to just aimlessly eat.  As you sit down to eat, mindfully eat, ask:

Are You. . .
Tuned into your hunger and appetite?
Focused on the food and how you feel as you eat?
Aware of the aroma and appearance of the food?
Eating slowly and savoring each bite?
Chewing thoroughly and concentrating on the taste, texture and temperature?
Checking your level of fullness and degree of satiety?
Relaxed and comfortable as you enjoy the eating experience?

In other words. . . . don't just shovel it it.  Slow down and enjoy.


  1. I think this is a hard thing to do...do you have any tips about how to help yourself to stop and think before you eat and while you are eating?

  2. I had to do something like this for a project in college once. It was a good experience, but I went about it by counting how many times I chewed to make sure I was being mindful. Good reminder. :)

  3. Hey, you haven't posted in a while.... The kids and I were going to come and see you today, but Baptism Preview took and hour and a half so we needed to come and get dinner ready. Have a good week