Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I did it!  I was even more nervous about my work out when I remembered I had meetings at school until 5:00.  I made it through 1 episode of Coach on the bike and 40 minutes of walking in the pool.


  1. Good! I was wondering how your first day back to school went.

  2. Here we go again, right. I can't help but love a new year, new beginning, new opportunity, new goals, new choices, clean slate...etc. Now if I can just stay out of the old rut and continue to make a new path. =) so grateful for the atonement. I'm kinda nervous to admit this but I'm really going to try to get myself into shape this,s just that your the first person I've dared admit it to as a resolution...O.K. maybe I should just say for now that I'm going to try to fix my eating habits... so feel free to share your favorite articles, ideas etc. I need your expertise, and I've liked some of the things you've shared already.