Friday, January 4, 2013

Negative Thoughts

I really need to blog.  I really don't want to.  I really don't want to do much of anything.  My "Itty Bitty --- Committee" is really having a hayday today.  I've told them to shut up but maybe I need to put it down.  I'm having the feeling of failure today.  I had a small bowl of ice cream (not half the carton like normal) and I didn't get in the pool.  Why does that make me feel like I've blown the day?  I wish I could figure out the human thinking pattern. 
I AM NOT A FAILURE!!!  I did come home from school and get on the bike.
I'm remembering why I never stick with the bike.  The way the seat reclines and the way I'm built and working around a bad knee it really hurts my upper back.  My shoulders and down between my shoulder blades hurt.  I don't just hurt when I ride but when I'm off also.  I don't know if it will get better.  I think I've always stopped the bike after a few days because of this.  I'm going to persist.   I guess I just need to go to bed and sleep it off.  The sun will shine tomorrow on a new day.
Thanks to those that read and support me.  It makes me put more thought into what I do knowing people are waiting to read.

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