Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mowed the Lawn

I know that mowing the lawn doesn't sound like much of something to celebrate but for me it is. I haven't mowed my lawn since last fall before I got my "Boot" on. The neighbor boy has been doing it. It needed to be mowed and I thought I can do it. I wanted to quit a couple of times. I could barely move when I was finished. Everything from the waist down hurt. But I did it!!!!! I just got out of the shower. A friend gave me some essential oil that was to soothe sore and ache muscles. I just put some on. I'll let you know if I think it helped much.

I can tell it must be summer. Even though I have plenty of time I just haven't been blogging. I don't think about it. I try not to have many routines in the summer. Just kind of go with the flow. I have been working on a sticker chart this week. I don't have a goal or a reward in mind. But I think it helps. I don't have a lot of F & V's on it, but my exercise is good.

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  1. So, MarJean, you haven't posted in a while. Yes, I haven't checked in a while, but you haven't posted either. What's up? How's the healthy eating going? Any fruits and veggies? Exercise? Huh? Huh?