Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Back, Again!!!

The summer was great. Why I didn't blog.......I don't know. School is under way and going good. Now its time to focus on me.

Update......for those that know of my on going knee problem. I have finally got to the bottom of 20+ years of knee problems. I have a good case of Osteoarthritis. The only cure for Osteoarthritis is a new knee. I have other problems like a torn Meniscus. But to do surgery for that would only aggravate the arthritis. Answer......get a new knee. When.......I'm not sure.

Update 2........Pool. Some may know that I purchased an aquatic exercise pool for my basement. The parts and pieces have been sitting in my basement since the 1st of August. (Frustration) The room in my basement for it is now finished. I hope that with in the next week I can get the pool installed.

So, There are a couple of things that I know will make things easier for my knee. One......getting to exercise in my pool. Two.....get some weight off. I'm sure that most of my faithful readers have given up on me. But I'm back and I hope that you are too.

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