Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Goal

Here is my plan for the week.
Watch what I eat - And what does the mean.....minimize snacks and eat F & V each day.
Exercise - At least 30 minutes a day.

My Reward - Dinner Out
I know that I should not reward myself with food. But here is the deal. I need to go to Manti on Friday. (Those that may not know....that is an 1 1/2 drive one way.) To drive to Manti I go through Salina. Salina has my favorite Mexican restaurant. I don't go very often because its almost an hour away. So that will be my reward - dinner in Salina on Friday night.


  1. I know we aren't supposed to reward ourselves with food, but it is one of my favorite rewards for myself and others. Plus you are going to need to eat somewhere when you go to the temple. I also think going to the temple is a reward, I love the peace it brings.

  2. It also helps to have a plan for when you get there. If you know your weakness is overeating enchiladas (just as a random example), how are you going to do things differently? When trying to change habits, we tend to rationalize away our safety nets until there's little standing between us and our old behavior. Then we get frustrated at another failure. For alcoholics, it's easier to stay out of a bar and away from alcohol entirely than it is for someone with an eating problem to figure out how to balance real life with their food. Savvy?