Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Little More

Every year our school takes our students on a hike the last week of school. It's a day we all look forward to. I love spending that day out in nature with my students. Our hike is more like a walk but we all have fun, it's a mile long. I'm struggling with rather I will be able to go with them. So my goal is to work on some conditioning. I have until May 24th to get where I can physically walk a mile.

Living in the country I measure my walking my telephone poles. Yesterday I walked from post one to post five before turning around. I was walking slow and hurting when I got home. Today I tried for a little more. Today I walked to post 6 before turning around. I also stopped a couple of times along the way and did some stretching. I was sore but I don't think as bad as yesterday. I'm hoping if I go a little bit more each time I can hike the mile with my students.

+ for today . . . . 3 servings of F & V.
+ for today . . . . 20 minutes walking and 12 minutes with back exercises.
If I wasn't trying so hard to be positive I'd tell how I ate to many snacks today and about how much pain I've had today.

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