Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ice Cream

So.....I was craving ice cream tonight. I had that little battle inside my know the devil and the angel. Long story short.....I went in the kitchen poured some milk and berries in the blend (out of yogurt) and had a smoothie. It tasted good and did the trick.

I read a quote I would like to share. It might not mean much to you but it hit me hard.
"Sometimes we get caught up in the one-size-fits-all mentality, and we feel that our lives should look like other people's lives. But that's really not true. Everyone has different trials, and Heavenly Father is aware of those. If we are humble enough to follow the plan He has for us, we'll be happy." (April Ensign #29) I took away from that, that I need to try and just find the joy in where I am. My life isn't meant to be like others. The Lord's not punishing me for anything or withholding blessing. He is just trying to shape me into who I'm capable of being.

+ for today . . . snack at school was carrots.
+ for today . . . . 22 minutes on the bike and 15 minute walk.


  1. Way to go for the smoothie. After I had Elena I was trying to eat healthy to lose the weight from Allie (yes, I have those names right) and I had yogurt shakes in the fridge almost all the time. I loved that they were filling and quick and the yogurt kept the consistency good. I just gave the container a little shake and it was good.

    Thanks for the quote. I have worked hard at accepting the Lord's plan for me. I find our expectations of our own life interesting to ponder about. Nobody "expects" to lose a child to cancer, yet it happens to many. Humble enough to follow His for thought.

  2. Someone once said, "There is no normal life, just life." In some ways, we all fit into the normal mold and in others, our lives are anything but what we see in those around us. It's a lot easier to deal with our personal challenges if we stop looking around to compare them with others'.

    About smoothies: I love them! They're a great way to get a serving of dairy and a serving of fruit. Plus, if I blend it long enough I don't have to eat nasty fruit chunks. Win! My O.B. suggested once that I add protein powder to them to make a meal or something more filling. Just a thought.

  3. At one point I was putting Carnation Instant Breakfast powder in my smoothies. They added a bit of flavor as well as some nutrition.