Friday, May 13, 2011

Something to Reach For

I can't believe that I haven't posted much this week. I guess it has just been one of those weeks. I have learned an important lesson this week. I need to have something to reach for. Last week I told myself I could go out to eat on Friday if I exercised each day. And I did it! This week I had nothing to reach for and I didn't reach. My F & V intake is way down. Except for some yard work this evening I haven't got any exercise this week either. Another interesting the week has gone on, my pain has gone up. I have got to get my act together. I keep saying just let me survive the next 2 weeks (End of School Year) and then I'll get going. The problem is.......tomorrow never gets here. I can't let school and such get in my way. I've just got to jump in and do my best every day.

So here is my me come up with things to reach for. There is not a lot in my little town that I can do for a reward. It's got to be something pretty good to keep me motivated.


  1. A few ideas: you can't read any fun reading until you have exercised and eaten f&v; an extra trip to the temple; buy a new wii game (this may be better as a goal for a longer time like 3 weeks or a month); a new pair of shoes; rent or download a movie; get some fun new yarn you don't usually let yourself buy; something new for your house;a picnic; a frozen treat from the store; mini trip somewhere; buy or do something for somebody else; a new craft item; a puzzle; something new and fun for your patio (summer cups or something); think about what you enjoy and create a reward from it.

    I totally agree that awards help. I just wish they didn't usually involve money :)

  2. How about this: every serving of fruit or veggies you eat between now and when I see you next is one minute you can hold Emsley, with a max 6 mins earned per day. Plus, every five minutes of exercise is another minute. As a bonus, for every hour you earn, I'll let you change her diaper. :)

    Okay, joking about the last part. Mostly.

    That way, it only costs gas money you would spend to do stuff up here anyway. AND you get to hang out with Emsley and me.