Saturday, May 7, 2011


I have been blessed this day! I got out of bed and felt like dancing. I had less pain today than I have had for awhile. I couldn't help but feel like dancing. I didn't.......but maybe I should have.

What did I do for exercise today.......planted 3 trees. I dug the hole, planted the trees, smoothed the ground, carried water to them, carried brick across my yard to go around them. I carried 2 blocks at a time. Each tree needed eight. That's 12 trips 1/2 way across my yard carrying bricks. I was tired when I was finished, had a little soreness, but NO pain! My feet hurt a bit since I took off my shoes, but that is doable. This is just another testimony to me that the Lord will bless us when we take the time for Him in our lives.

I feel like I have done well with my food today. Breakfast: Toast with cheese and an apple. Lunch: Grilled chicken salad. Dinner: Hamburger (cooked at home) and Berry Smoothie. Snack: Ding Dong.


  1. MarJean, it sounds like you're doing well! I actually came to your blog for inspiration, because school stress has had me going downhill with the eating... but seeing these posts is helping already! Congrats with the progress :)

    Also, dancing is my favorite :) Sometimes I wish I could transport back in time to GM and run around with scarves again! That was unbelievably fun.

    One more thing - I came across this nice article today and thought you might appreciate it -

    Much love,