Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plus Two

I feel like I had a pretty good day today.

Tonight was our school's Spring Festival......a night of dancing and singing. It's always kind of stressful. I have to have both of my class together for practice and performance. That's a lot of kids, but they did a great job.

+ for today.......I was able to get a doctor's appointment scheduled with a knee specialist. I have to wait until April 12th. But at least it is scheduled.
+ for today......I exercised! I come home from school tired and ready to sit down and take off my shoes. I wouldn't let myself do either until I exercised. I spent 15 mins. Wii boxing. It wasn't much but a start after sitting around most of the winter.

I had 2 pieces, instead of 1, of banana bread for lunch. But I didn't snack after school before dinner.

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  1. way to go! I'm not sure why making dr. appointments is so hard, but it is. I finally got Elena into an ear, nose, throat doctor, after meaning to call for a month. She is getting her tonsils out during spring break. Thanks for being motivating!