Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Call for Help!


I can't go on any longer with life going the way it is. It is time for big changes and I want you to be a part of it. Despite all of my medical and other problems I need to work hard on my fitness.

My Job..............Post nearly daily as to what I am doing.
Your Job............Make comments! I want encouragement and gentle reprimands.

I know that I have all the answers of how to do it. Application is a whole nother thing. Please help me and stick with me. This is going to be a long journey.


  1. Good for you! What a great idea!!!! I am here to support you through the journey. What is your next step or goal for the week?

  2. I'm trying to figure out this posting comments thing. You've got my support!

  3. Yay, Marjean! I can't wait to hear what you plan to do to accomplish these "big changes". I think we all need to move from head knowledge to implementation in SOME area! Good for you for reaching out for help, too. That's where I'm realizing I'm lacking as well... in the need for accountability and community in my own efforts. This is inspiring!

  4. Thanks for inviting me. This will help me get better at checking posts on people's blogs!

  5. Yay MarJean! (Hi, it's Laura D)

    I'm not much of a poet, but I wrote a poem for you! I hope it helps :)

    Sometimes, I live in a state that is less than great.
    I embrace all food to erase my mood; I think I am unworthy.
    Except for that which is fried, I allow myself to be denied
    Things that help me find meaning and value.

    But then I look at you, and see some of me!
    What I see is a desperate, burning plee.
    But beneath the plee, there's something else I see:
    Glorious potential, soulfully dancing with grace
    wishing to break through and light up your face!

    It burns bright and is fueled with delight,
    I can see it in your smile :)
    So let it out, dance about!
    Watch your body move and groove.

    Though sometimes the effort hurts
    And our tummies crave infinite desserts
    Our bodies will love us back for staying on track
    And discover the happiness that we usually lack

    So in the end, it will be worth the time we spend
    When each goal you meet will let everyone greet
    A more marvelous, wholesome you. :)

  6. Go MarJean! You've got my support!
    Oxoxox, Susie