Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hit The Wall

I am not a runner and never will be.  But I've heard the term many times of Hitting the Wall.  A good runner just digs deeper and runs through it.

I hit my wall.  Thursday and Friday were hard days.  I was finished.  I was so tired of tracking every little thing that goes in my mouth.  I could careless if I ever exercised again.  Even though I was losing weight and feeling better, I was so done!!!!

In the past when I hit the wall I do stop.  I told myself that I just had to work through it.  I did exercise Thursday even though I didn't want to.  Yesterday I rode the bike but didn't get in the pool.  Last night I had a good old fashion "Binge." was all O.K.  One thing I learned in Vermont was that if your binge is a conscious decision, you do it and move on, that it's O.K.  Of course you can't let it happen all the time.  I was so proud of myself for recording everything that I ate.

Today.......I'm feeling much better.  I know that I can keep going just a little bit longer.  I guess it's true about "Eating an Elephant one bite at a time."  If I can just make it through today.....then I can worry about tomorrow.  I think I too often get lost in my big goal.  So......big goal.......50 lbs gone by surgery. (By the way.... I'm just a couple of pounds away from half way.)  Medium hard and eat healthy this week.  Small goal......make it through today!

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