Friday, October 5, 2012

Enough or Not

I'm having one of those nights.  I know that I've had enough food tonight.  I had a nice salad, cooked carrots and pasta for dinner.  I then had a snack of carrots with a bit on ranch dip.  I am sitting here feeling hungry.  My stomach is growling, or so it feels like.  I just want to go eat.  But I can't imangine that I could truly be hungry.

I didn't get on the bike or in the pool.  I should have gotten in the pool.  I'd probably feel better.  I mowed all my lawn today after school.  I did O.K.  I was hurting a bit but not mad at all.  Then I sat down to catch my breathe.  Big mistake!  I then tightened up.  When I tried to move it was almost impossible.  My feet hurt, my knee was tight, my shoulder hurt and my hand was sore.  So I haven't done much this evening.

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