Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cost of Health

I have been thinking about the cost of health.  I've always thought that eating healthy cost a lot of money. Lately it seems even more so.  It's been a while back but the store had peaches.  They looked so good.  They were $3.98 a pound.  How can you buy fresh when it cost so much.  I guess you then have to weigh it against the cost of medical problems if your not at good health.  Why can't it all just be so simple. 

I have a nephew with a journey to health blog, also.  He reminded me that we buy healthier if we shop the outside of the store.  What a good reminder.

I went and got a Bountiful Basket today.  If you haven't heard about this program you can go to their blog,  So for $15 this is what I brought home.
1 head of leaf lettuce                        5 bananas
2 heads of broccoli                           1 carton of strawberries
bag of grapes                                    5 baking potatoes
1 yellow squash                                4 apples
5 plums                                             4 tomatoes
2 red peppers

Living in a small town, I know their are some that won't buy from Bountiful Baskets because it takes away from our own store.  I feel that all it does is free up my budget a bit to buy things that I might not always have the money to buy.  I'll probably end up at the store today to buy a few more things to make a great salad.

So maybe it isn't so expensive to eat healthy.  You just have to be committed and be creative.


  1. Love bountiful baskets... Do you know how good the produce is in the winter? I am always worried about that, don't want to waste my money...

  2. It is hard find cheap fruit/vegetables to buy in the winter. I just watch the ad and I usually buy bananas when they have just moved them to the 19 cents a pound cart. We have to really rely on our canned goods.
    You are really great at eating healthy.