Thursday, April 5, 2012


May I just say, ahhhhhhhhhhh.  I love being in the warm water.  Even if I don't exercise.  Just being in the water is so relaxing and soothing of sore muscles, which after doing 30 wall push up I have.  I haven't counted calories this week.   Family in town, time of school, holiday coming.  I know all stupid excuses.  And yes....I've gained weight.  I have just got to convince myself I have to count the rest of my life.  YUCK!
I was asked how the pool will be finished.  The back side has all the mechanics. Nothing there.  The other two sides will be finished like a wall.  I think we will just use plywood and not sheet rock.  I have then bought some sticky back vinyl tile that I will put on the wall.  It is suppose to look like redwood.
It may take a while to get it finished.  I want to make could and sure that none of the plumbing connections are going to leak or anything.  We did have a couple of leaks at start up.  They have stopped now.
Come soak anytime you would like!

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  1. Nothing like spring break when you have your own pool to relax in. =)