Sunday, February 19, 2012

Does It Work Or Not

I'm talking about the newest and latest Fitness craze.....Fit Ball Dancing. What have we learned so far.  Is it a success or not? 

Success is what we are hearing......Dancer MJ has reported sore muscles.  By the end of a workout her ab and shoulder muscles are hurting.  She has even reported a loss of weight even though it was Valentine's week and there was a lot of chocolate in her environment.

We will keep you updated on it a fad or for real?


  1. This fit ball dancing sounds like a blast! (which is the best way to exercise) Unfortunately I don't have a Wii. Maybe I'll have to come visit and we can have a fit ball party. :)

  2. I could do this!!! Oh please, PleaSE, PLEASE be for real!