Monday, July 30, 2012

Twice In One Week

I'm slow at learning.  I must be.

Friday I decided I wanted some homemade ice cream. So I made a small batch in my countertop maker.  I put half in my dish and half in the freezer. (My house was warm and it was melting fast.) I enjoyed my bowl of ice cream.  Then had the debate with myself over eating the rest.  I could save it for another day and enjoy twice or finish it all now.  I decided to finish it now.  I opened the freeze and the bowl full of soft ice cream fell out.  Spilling all down the front of the fridge and all over the floor.  Treat 1. . . Me 0!
Then last night I was in the mood for something sweet.  So I made some chocolate muffins in a loaf pan. When the timer went off I checked it with a tooth pick and all came out clean.  I let the loaf sit for a while to cool.  When I dumped it out and sliced into it, everything but the very edge was doughy.  So doughy I could not eat it.   Treats 2 . . . Me 0!

I'm sure there is something great to learn about this. lol

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  1. Sounds like how my luck goes sometimes!