Saturday, November 19, 2011

Give Up

I give up!

I know I shouldn't say things like that. I am so frustrated. This summer I bought an Aquatic Therapy Pool to go in my basement. I need an environment to workout in that doesn't bother my knee and foot. I spent big money. It is still sitting in the basement in pieces. A friend was suppose to help get the room finished and install the pool. I finally 3 weeks ago hired the room finished. Still no pool.

For some reason my motivation to eat health and exercise is all tied to that pool. I get even get myself to blog. I really need the pool finished. My doctor told me aquatic therapy would do wonders for my knee. I have no money to hire it installed so I don't know what to do. I am so bummed out.


  1. I am so sorry MarJean! If I was rich and handy I would be right there. :) Let tomorrow be a better day and find joy in one thing. We all have days when we want to quit, that is why we have new days. Isn't it great that each day doesn't last for a week. Keep trying.

  2. Thanks for all the encouragement. I know we are given a new day to try a little harder.